Are maksim erin andrews dating

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" Well, the FOX reporter has been looking amazing on the show.Aside from her sexy glam routine, Andrews also tries to stay healthy by watching what she eats and exercising.TV doesn’t translate a lot of things.” Brandy said she is fine with the way Maks teaches.“You’re the reason why I got three 8s tonight, you know that… “He knows that I need that; I need for somebody to push me as hard as I push myself and his method works with me and when we leave the dancing studio we’re eating French fries at some Mc Donalds nearby, just hanging out talking."Maksim and I have stayed close since we danced in 2009," she tells toofab.

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Maksim is referencing the moment where Andrews reportedly congratulated him and Peta Murgatroyd on expecting their first child while mic'd up on the set of , so maybe this (cute) little piece of payback has been a long time in coming! Sure sounds like Stoll put a ring on it, doesn't it??

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First it was Bolton-Gate, and this week’s “Dancing with the Stars” was all about the spanking scandal.

"I know that there was a lot of apprehension with everyone, about seeing it and doing it, but I thought it was a great show last week," she says.

Erin also says that she thinks anyone could take the win this year, too. I think everyone has their own strengths and talents.

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