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I think that's what Julie was banging on about yesterday.

And women do have a shorter shelf life than men, don't they? Standards of elegance has taken quite a pounding, wouldn't you say?

We have something here, or am I just a glorified booty call? Translation: Become ''domestified.'' Now, it doesn't do to become dependent on anybody in this life.

'' crisis point that rears its ugly head in every relationship. Marlon wanted another months to make sure nothing better was coming his way. I see you're making the most of that birthday calendar.

Yet, she tells me her old man hasn't shagged her in six months. I mean, thank God there are gentlemen like me around to pick up the slack.

Where did we tell the old man we were going tonight?

I mean, every one of them, unique, special, like snowflakes. Calendar word meaning ''abundance,'' of gorgeousness and diversity, well, how could a man ever choose to settle down with just one?

I've no desire to be the richest stiff in the cemetery.

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