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The hard to get player will take a genuine interest in your life.

They may still not seem 100%, keen and will try to maintain the act of indifference, but the personal questions they ask give them away.

The guy or girl playing hard to get will still give off those tell tale signs that we just mentioned.

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So maybe it’s time to drop the mind games and get back to some good, honest romance and leave “playing it cool” to the Danny Zukos of this world.It seems that the dating world is full of guys being overly cool and girls being uncommonly cold.How then, can we find our perfect match if both guys and girls try their best to seem uninterested?If you’ve tried to arrange a date, but it has been cancelled, the person playing hard to get will have a genuine reason for not showing up.They will also probably have another time and date in mind so you two can get together.

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