Dating after weight loss

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He found me attractive at 486 pounds, though I'm not sure why. My surgeon explained that this is common among his bariatric patients.For some reason, it can shake the other partner psychologically when one loses weight, gains confidence and starts getting more attention."As someone who has been living as an ‘after' for the past three years, I can assure you that the fairy tale just isn't true," she writes on her ."Things didn't suddenly become prime-time perfect when I lost 180 pounds.Most guys got scared because they were afraid to take me to dinner, afraid they would break my new diet resolve, and when they saw a picture of what I used to look like, they started to wonder what would happen if I gained a few pounds again. No one ever told me that it would upset me when severely obese people get special attention because they choose to be heavy -- like when TV shows feature people who are happy to weigh 600 pounds, or people who post You Tube videos professing love of their excess weight.Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that people are comfortable in their own skin, because many times I'm not always comfortable in my own skin. So I guess I have a hard time identifying with them. I used gastric bypass surgery as a tool to save my life so that I wouldn't develop diabetes, have a heart attack at age 35, have a stroke, and to hopefully lower my risk of cancer.I hate the way the skin hangs down on my arms, and thighs, back and stomach.I hate that it will take at least ,000 (if not more) in plastic surgery to rid these last 30 to 40 pounds off of my body.

People would accept me more because I wasn't seen as obese and unhealthy. I hate how certain clothes push against my excess skin, making it bulge out (think muffin top, but worse).Funny how diet ads never show "afters" with skin folds, even though that's exactly what happens after the extreme weight loss they promise.Russell details the maintenance that comes with having so much excess skin, like doing daily checks to see if any rashes or sores are forming within the skin folds.But the experience taught me that someone who is jealous of something that makes me better, healthier and stronger never had my best interests at heart.Dating after that was a struggle, until I met my current boyfriend six months ago.

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