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For example, the protagonist can spend time with Russia at a festival.

The story begins with the protagonist waking up in the ocean with no memories of who she is nor of her past prior.

Cute but un perfect try of devianart artist with his first flash game, this game is a parody of Hetalia dating simulation game.

Online games doesn't only focus on violence, conflict or war.

An English-language version of Cancel a Format is currently in production under the management of Avalon Melody and a few volunteers on translating the game itself into English.After Winter 15, the likability gauge maxes out, which initiates the ending plot, which can be achieved depending on the player's choices and which character the protagonist is the closest to.The Bad End occurs when the player fails to gain 5 hearts, the Normal End occurs when the player gains 6 hearts on one character and finally, the True End occurs the player and protagonist succeeds in gaining full likability with any character.It is also a venue for someone creative to create his own game, make a lot of buddies or friends or meet a special someone who will inspire you to continue whatever it is that you are inclined to. For the actual Wiki itself, visit the Cancel a Format Wiki.

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