Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

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How can we make Hibernate use a different attribute rather than id to determine wether to insert or update a row. Here is my code : Code: List works; Work Based Quote wqt = new Work Based Quote(); Work Based Id work Based Id; ...

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Hello, My setup is JBoss 3.2.1, with Hibernate 2.03 installed as an MBean running against MS SQLServer 8.

There's no need to use any of the methods with entity Name parameters if you're working with a pure POJO model. I'm having some wierd behavior in which save Or Update does not actually save my changes back to the database and no exceptions are thrown. Here is my Hibernate Mapping file for the Object in question: Hi, I need to ieterate 2 lists and save to database.

Hi, I have learnt that Hibernate uses "unsaved-value" property of "id" element to determine wether to insert or update a row. But I could only save the first value coming and next ones not saving into the database.

Therefore you are obligated to call Hibernate Session()Other times you only want to Update. Hello, I have a table with a generated Id (mapped as Id in Hibernate) and a logical Key (a normal property with a unique index in database).

If I use save Or Update, it looks for the Id, and if its not in table, it uses save to save the object.

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