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But there are many surprises that greet her and the manner in which the story resolves (in Ferran's hands) leaves us unsure of the future.

The film is captured amidst the beauties of the natural world - flowers, trees, springs, brooks - and these aspects of the natural world are an influential part of Constance's sexual awakening.

Yes, there are scenes of complete nudity and love making but they are photographed so well by Julian Hirsch that they become an integral part of the story.

The musical score by Béatrice Thiriet finds the right quality of elegance and sensuality.

But mostly the novel seemed to have been locked in the cellar, only for rare stabs of authentic Lawrence to show up and embarrass the mostly invented dialogue.

“I’ve been told I don’t quite digest my bile,” said Mellors in a huff.

It is breathtakingly beautiful to experience DH Lawrence's story in the hands of the French crew and cast.

But it would be hard to imagine two actors who could match the subtlety and sexual tension that Marina Hands and Jean-Louis Coullo'ch to this film.

Upon returning home in a wheelchair to his surprised wife Connie (Holliday Grainger), Clifford soon attempted suicide, whereafter they shared a bedroom and kept trying to make babies.

He even submitted to electric shock treatment to jolt his legs and loins into life. Mercurio could be forgiven for tightening the loose stays of Lawrence’s wafty plotting, but what also went in the cull was the novel’s profound disquisition on society’s attitude to what he called “the sex thing”.

Parkin is 'below her class' but is a masculine, sensuous embodiment of everything Constance has never experienced.

They slowly bond and both of them become passionately in love, finding lovemaking in Parkin's hut, in the woods, in the rain - wherever they encounter.

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