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Research seeks to overcome these pitfalls of everyday inquiry.

Although some people complain that research is simply an expensive way of finding out what everyone already knew, the results sometimes contradict commonsense expectations. Since there was a steady increase in the number of births in the between 19, the number of college students preparing to be teachers has increased in anticipation of a teacher shortage in the 1990s. Men engaging in occasional homosexual acts in the bathroom of a public park belong to a highly visible homosexual subculture. When a number of people observe an emergency, they are more likely to go to the aid of the victim than when only one person is a witness (the "safety in numbers" principle) 5.

The difference for Emily was that she and a small number of other children were able to attend a preschool educational program.Don't overextend yourself financially and assume you'll take care of it later. Health: When the Page comes up in relation to health matters, chances are good that you have been overdoing it, working too hard, behaving too intensely.Give yourself and the others around you a break, your frayed nerves demand it. If you've started a new workout regime, don't push yourself too hard.This chapter considers some of the ways social researchers do their work.After reading it, you should have a better idea of how social scientists conduct their inquiries; you should be acquainted with a number of important research terms that will reappear in this book; and you should be aware of some of the ethical concerns that confront social researchers.

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