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In reality, there are no hard and fast rules that apply to every date and situation, but if you stick to these few simple principles, hopefully your first date isn't also your last.

What's been your experience navigating the politics of dating?

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The dissatisfaction comes when you've had six weeks of chatting with the guy or girl, then it fizzles.You're then in a position to decide, is that enough to end the date."The simple error to avoid here is to give in to the allure of creating a curated online version of oneself. The thought of chatting online or texting for days or weeks may seem enticing - fire off a few witty replies, build a little rapport – but once you've attracted the attention of another human, you're then faced with the inevitability of the first date.This is when a little etiquette should kick in."We've become incredibly casual now on all levels of communication," said Zarife Hardy, a nationally acclaimed etiquette coach and Director of the Australian School of Etiquette.If you're trapped in the latter camp, don't worry; you're not alone."But we had such a great time. " The refrains are as common as they are depressing.If you've ever dipped your toe in the occasionally dubious waters of online dating – either via website or app – it can feel like things get even more complicated.

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