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Hawaii Sex Offender Records Information about registered sex offenders living in Hawaii who have been given a court hearing to determine if that information of person shall be made public.

Information about those persons, which is available to the public since 1996.

Search results may show the defendant's name, DOB, sex, race, height, weight, hair&eye color and booking date.

These records do not mean a guilty charge on the person searched. Arizona Sex Offender Records Level 2 and Level 3 Sex offenders sentenced since June 1996. Arkansas Corrections Records Corrections records of statewide felony criminal convictions on persons who have been sentenced to serve time at a state facility since 1987. Court County felony, misdemeanor and traffic records. Superior Court Superior Court records of felony case filings since 1979.

New Hampshire Sex Offender Records Every sexual offender or offender against children convicted since 1996. South Dakota Sex Offender Records Contains information on convicted sex offenders since 1984.

Records may show offender name, date of birth, offense, county, and conviction date. Vermont Sex Offender Records Contains information on convicted sex offenders since 1990.

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