Sexy slave chat bot most intimidating team names

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I used to think that Fox News' Glenn Beck was a dangerous demagogue.But after spending a couple of days researching the consumer applications of "chatterbots" or "chatbots"—computers programmed to simulate human conversation—I've come to the conclusion that, in fact, Beck represents a breakthrough in computer engineering.A few days ago I posted a column ("Breaking Up Is Hard To Do") relating the difficulty I encountered when I tried to cancel my e Fax account.

(Apparently, everybody at e Fax is named Steve.) Steve agreed to ask a colleague whether the company used chatbots to field cancellations and put me on hold.

The less effective the chatbot is at understanding the customer's request, the more e Fax saves by not fulfilling it!

To pursue this hypothesis, I left a message with e Fax's "investor relations" spokeswoman, who, I was told, fielded media inquiries, and set about learning all I could about chatbots.

Cable news isn't as powerful a force in the world as sex, but it, too, lies within a realm where consumers increasingly seek to have their passions affirmed through uncritical repetition.

In its early days, cable news emphasized covering actual events, but budget constraints eventually led to a shift toward talking heads.

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