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They tied the knot in Miami Beach, Florida of 2010 and have three children together--King, Major and Heiress. In total, they have a big blended family of 7 with both Tiny and T.

They call him a sex symbol, I guess.”She blamed their reality show for putting a strain on the marriage.

) Then we popped back up on they ass and showed the world how cool raising kids could be on Family Hustle.

While that may have put a few million more people than we'd like in our personal intimate business,it also became an example for so many who didn't have one in the areas of parenting,family & marriage in Hip Hop.... We have 7 amazing kids who all have enough skills,smarts,talent and ability to take care of us in our old age.... And while most of these nosey, no business havin,overly-opinionated,fake caring ass people would see it as a break up... In my eyes,we didn't break up,we EVOLVED into something unconditional.

No one can deny that Tiny Harris hustles hard when it comes to her family and her career. I., on ESSENCE's "Yes, Girl" podcast, the singer and mom opened up about what she wants out of love in the future and what qualities the next man has to have in order to win her over.

I mean at some point I will be ready to date," she said. I'm not even divorced." While discussing the end of her marriage to her husband, rapper T.

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