Two teachers dating

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They kept up their correspondence when they returned home, and began dating long-distance in 2014 after bonding over their love of travel, comic books and science fiction movies."If Maryanne were part of a 'Jeopardy' category, it would have to be 'Nerdy Redheads,'" Townes joked of his new wife.The mood: Kassandra was immediately taken with Cornelius’s dreadlocks.Their first conversation came a few days later when Cornelius helped Kass find her way to the subway. Cornelius proposed to Kass onstage at a concert by hip-hop artist John Forte.I decided that day, for other good reasons, I wanted that job; but I also decided I really wanted to know this person.”A story: It was common for teachers at ROADS to bring each other coffee from the nearby Dunkin Donuts.Abbas: “Every time I brought Melissa a coffee during class, the kids would erupt in ‘oooooooooooooooohs.’ Maybe they knew before we did. One student, Kelvin, would call Melissa ‘mom’ and me ‘dad’ long before we were together.”Melissa: “My favorite thing about teaching at the same school as Abbas is the shared former-student family we have.Maryanne Lewell, a Canadian high school teacher, and Michael Townes, a middle school teacher from South Carolina, were married July 7 in Canada, nearly four years after first connecting on the "Jeopardy! The newlyweds' first interaction came as they waited anxiously in the green room on the long-running show's Culver City, Calif., set.Both had scored well on online tests and both had made it through a previous round of auditions before heading to California. ’ contestant who died from cancer Lewell appeared in two of the 10 episodes they filmed over two days, ultimately making it to the semifinals.

Grant was a fourth-grade teacher in his first year at the school but his third year teaching, and Gabby was a kindergarten teacher in her first year of Teach For America.

" Two teachers who competed in the annual "Jeopardy!

" Teachers Tournament in 2013 tied the knot earlier this month after their brief meeting on the iconic game show sparked a long-distance romance.

“Maybe they knew before we did.”Five years later, Manjee and Giroux are married — making them one of countless couples that came together while working together in schools.

Nearly 20 percent of married Americans who work in education have spouses who do, too.

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