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My package tracking said it was delivered and to my horror I did not find the package. The mail was mis-delivered to some other house and the unknown neighbor was kind enough to drop the lost package at my doorstep.I was lucky to find the mail even after having a tracking number.Shipped with Tracking or Confirmation and has an “In Route” Status If a package is not delivered by the end of the expected delivery date quoted on TCGplayer -- -- the Seller should submit a case with the USPS either via their Online Form or by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Shipped with Tracking or Confirmation and Reporting Shows Delivery and Buyer Claims Item Not Received TCGplayer covers our Sellers fully in the event a Buyer reports a Domestic order as missing but the USPS reports the order as Shipped with Signature Confirmation Tracking and Tracking Shows Delivery and Buyer Claims Item Not Received Contact [email protected] us to investigate the claim.If the name on the signature confirmation matches the Buyer, TCGplayer will work with the buyer to determine if the package was delivered to the correct address.Please note that certain webstores may not accept support postback functionality. Connectivity issues or a problem on our end Sometimes it is possible that the connection failed somewhere between your computer and your order source.If this happens it is possible that you are using a web-store such as an Amazon or e Bay account, an online shopping carts such as Zen Cart or a remote database.While updating shipment information to your store or database does not fail very commonly some reasons why it does occur include: I.

When this is the cause of the problem, the easiest solution is to attempt to manually locate and update the affected orders in the data source itself.

This default is designed to prevent from overwriting shipment information that you may have entered to your account or database manually or from another source, including the shipment date.

If you would like to change the default and use to update your account or database for orders that you manually mark as printed, do the following: will now postback order details for orders manually marked as printed.

Sellers are responsible for resolving TCGplayer disputes for orders that a Buyer claims have not been received according to the policies that follow: Shipped without Tracking or Confirmation Sellers who ship an order without tracking/delivery confirmation information will be liable if a Buyer claims the package has Not Been Received and it is past the maximum Estimated Delivery Date for Domestic shipments.

For a First-Class package the maximum Estimated Delivery Date is 8 business days.

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